Senior Living Resources

Living Well Assisted Living at Home
Living Well Assisted Living at Home for people who face challenging aging issues but want to stay at home. Living Well offers specialized care for adults with chronic and debilitating conditions — like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and mental illness — that compromise their ability to live safely in their homes, where they want to be.

Anthony Cirillo's Blog
Anothony Cirillo is a Professional Speaker, Performer, Healthcare Expert Serving Seniors and those that Serve Seniors. His Assisted Living blogs are a great resource to use to help you make the right decision for your loved one when it comes to assisted living.

Cool-jams Wicking Sleepwear for Temperature Regulation and Travel
Cool-jams moisture wicking sleepwear  is made from micro-fiber yarn with advanced evaporation and thermo-regulation properties. This innovative fabric technology was developed to draw  heat and moisture from the body and and  dry rapidly while  regulating the body’s temperature.   When the body is warm, the wicking fabric helps cool and balance the body’s temperature. When the body feels cool, the pajamas feel cozy and comfortable. Learn more at

Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA)

Founded in 1990, ALFA serves as the voice for operators of senior living communities and the seniors and families those communities serve. Members of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) exemplify the principles of choice, dignity, and independence for seniors. To support these principles and to enhance quality of life for seniors, ALFA influences public policy, promotes business excellence, and ensures an informed public.
Senior Living directory and news source.
Sleep soundly and comfortably on a latex mattress. Especially good for seniors and others with back, neck, hip, and shoulder problems, as they help keep the spine in alignment as well as taking weight off of pressure points by distributing it evenly on the rubber foam surfaces.

Heart and Stress Baby Boomers Resource Site
Good resource that evaluates the health effects of stress on baby boomers and reveals the secrets of belly fat loss.
A nursing site that provides nursing news, nursing tools, nursing jobs, nursing tests, and other nursing resource for nurses.

Society of Certified Senior Advisors
Providing the premier education and credential for professionals serving seniors

Report Elder Abuse, Neglect, Financial Exploitation
Elder Abuse Organization is dedicated to the protection of elders from abuse, neglect, financial exploitation providing resources and support for senior citizens and caregivers.

Elder Care: First Steps
Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse, domestic partner or close friend presents tough challenges. Often, you're not sure of the next step, or even the first step. This article from Aging Parents and Elder Care is a step-by-step guide to help you begin your caregiving journey.

Senior Lifestyles
Listen to Ron Kauffman's weekly podcast on issues of aging.

The Long Hello ~ The Other Side of Alzheimer’s
By Cathie Borrie, RN, BSN, MPH, JD

In this shimmering jewel of a memoir, The Long Hello ~ The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, author Cathie Borrie traverses rich terrain as she unearths the hidden and often painful treasures of a life well lived: the shadows and joys of childhood, the relationships that leave us both illuminated and bereft, the love, longing and loss that surge to the fore when a parent is ailing from dementia. Memory, and the losing of it, serves as a powerful guide, and Borrie follows her mother's eccentric and poetic lead into the past, transformed by the unexpected brilliance of the elder woman's shifting dementia mind. A paean of redemptive beauty, The Long Hello cherishes the bond between mothers and daughters and creates a startling change in society's perception of those journeying through Alzheimer's. Available in paperback, eBook, audio book through:

Bed Sore FAQs
A good resource about bed sores and bed sore frequently asked questions.

Nursing Home Injury Laws
A great blog about nursing home injury laws and relvant information.