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Starting August 22 through August 31 will be changing its focus to cover the new age of home care. This new focus will discuss new ways that seniors are finding to create the perfect arrangement of assisted living and retirement living without the high costs of senior communities.
Starting August 20th and continuing through August 31st, the social media staff of will host an online social media raffle through Facebook. This raffle will result in a $50 gift card being awarded to the person who meets certain requirements set by the social media staff.
08/15/2012 Announces Expansion to Senior and Elder Care Related Businesses with an Open Call Starting August 15, 2012 the staff of will be holding an open call to all businesses that provide services to seniors and the elder care community. This open call will be held for 14 days and is open to businesses and sales professionals.
This week the content staff of announces a focus on women in senior living. This focus will cover the growing population of women in senior living and retirement living environments, women making a difference in senior communities and spotlights on women’s issues.
August 13th though the 17th has been declared the focus on women week at This weeks blogs will focus directly on the impact of women in senior living, issues that women in senior living face and on women with fulltime caregiving roles while living in assisted living communities.
The baby boomer and retirement informational website,, received a consumer star rating increase this week. The increase moved the site from a four to five star rating since the last ranking in April. This increase has been contributed to changes within the content and Senior Center areas of the site.
08/01/2012 offers several resources for quality baby boomer, senior living, assisted living and related quality leads. This week the site announces their partnership with eHealth in an effort to help drive qualified Medicare leads to the insurance companies that can help them obtain the health care coverage they need.
The Baby Boomer centered senior website,, announces their new current senior issues article series. This series debuts this week with a new current issue in senior care, senior living and Baby Boomer lifestyles discussed each day. The series is ongoing and plans to focus and specific current issue themes.
This week will expand their blog to offer a vacation series with Baby Boomers in mind. This series will feature a new vacation idea each day, ways to save on particular vacations and information on how to plan your next vacation.
07/05/2012 expands their social media reach to offer senior living inspirations, stories and information on Pinterest. This expansion will offer links to infographics, services and all things pertaining to senior living and the Baby Boomer generation.
July 6, 2012 will mark the first release of’s senior living video series. The first video, A Guide to Assisted Living, will offer a walkthrough of assisted living for seniors. This is the first in a weekly series offered by the senior living website.
Businesses rely on quality leads from reliable resources.’s business development and marketing department recognizes this and has expanded their services to offer a combined featured listing and quality leads program for senior living professionals. This program will offer communities, professionals, businesses and service providers the opportunity to be seen by thousands of viewers daily and receive quality leads specifically designed for top conversions.
Open registration for LivingSenior’s first senior living webinar will begin Thursday June 28, 2012. This webinar will cover what to look for in a senior living community, questions to ask and warning signs that a community may not be the right fit for your loved one. The webinar will also topics related to the types of communities available.
Finding the right funding and preparing those funding options for retirement living is vital to ensure the lifestyle that a senior wants. expands their informational tools and resources this week to offer an online guide to senior funding as a way to help their readers understand as well as research their options.
The growing influx brought on by the “Silver Tsunami” is changing the way that senior care professionals, businesses and communities operate. In response to this change, the rapidly growing site is expanding to offer webinar based resources and presentations to answer questions and offer new methods to reach the influx of “golden boomers.”
06/18/2012 announces an open call for senior communities in an effort to allow communities the benefit of specialty programs and listing options.
06/06/2012 debuts their About Retirement Communities section. This section is part of the expanding online tools section available for seniors with questions regarding senior living, communities and finances.
05/30/2012 announced a new addition to their site that will offer seniors and their families free senior care consultations.
05/23/2012 is proud to announce the recent addition to their senior living community registry, Piedmont Companion Care.
Alliance will provide one-stop access to the best senior living and long term care communities and funding options to help families pay for the costs.
05/08/2012 is the latest addition to the LivingSenior family of services. This new service offers a quick match resource for seniors searching for local care.
LivingSenior recently announced a nationwide listings expansion to their site. Recently, they added Northbridge Companies as part of their expansion
LivingSenior has grown rapidly in the past few months and now they are expanding community listings nationwide. These listings encompass the top senior living communities throughout the United States.
As an informational resource for baby boomers and seniors seeking assisted living, product and service options,, is pleased to announce their site growth of almost 400% in such a short amount to time. This growth is due to articles and social media resources the site is currently making available.
04/21/2012, a division of LivingSenior, rolls out supplemental Medicare leads services to bring seniors and insurance providers together. Medicare coverage needs and lead services are nothing new to senior living insurance providers but the way SeniorLeads brings them to the table is.
Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn are all available online and on smart phones and now so is LivingSenior. Information on senior living, communities, services and products has never been easier to find. This social media accessibility makes it possible for residents and businesses to receive full information on products, services and communities at a moments notice.
Marketing is different for every product or service, but it is vastly different when dealing with marketing to seniors. The face of senior living and the senior generation is changing, and marketing must change in order for companies to remain on top. is the latest development in the LivingSenior plan to educate companies on the changing face of senior living.
LivingSenior has a new CMS in place to now produce daily articles, blog posts and informational content. Not only will this cover many questions consumers have about picking senior care, but it also helps engage the care providers directly.
Memory care is the leading service that seniors and their family look for in on-going care communities. LivingSenior now provides a memory care category to help the search for the right senior community easier.
Senior Care Consulting Company, LivingSenior, Welcomes Housing Providers to Enroll in Their Database.