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What Seniors Can Expect At Assisted Living

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As a concept for senior care, the philosophy behind assisted living can be thought of as a kind of bridge between a retirement community and a nursing home. Seniors who are able to live in a retirement community still enjoy the luxury of having an active lifestyle that doesn’t require much assistance. On the other hand a retiree in a nursing home requires much more intensive medical care and supervision. This puts assisted living right in the middle between these two options. Assisted living allows residents to continue an independent lifestyle but also provides them with around-the-clock’s support and medical assistance if needed. In many ways it’s the best of both retirement worlds.

Private Living in Comfortable Surroundings

At an assisted living facility a resident can expect to live in their own private apartment. Although these might be smaller residences then their own homes they are certainly a lot easier to manage. No longer will there be any worry about maintenance issues or even housekeeping as all of those services are now provided by the support staff. These apartments are available in many different floor layouts and can be decorated and furnished with all the personal belongings of your loved one. They should feel comfortable in this space and make it their own. There’s also private bathroom here and small kitchenette. And the only time someone comes into the apartment is if they are invited!

Attention to Detail

Every new resident that moves into an assisted living facility will first go through a complete physical and mental examination. This is used to form the basis of their care plan. That plan can include assistance with routine tasks like getting dressed in the morning, taking a shower and even reminders to follow their prescription orders. As new potential challenges present themselves this care plan can be instantly adjusted. Having a well-trained medical professional on call also allows the residents to have their ongoing medical conditions monitored. Even the slightest change can be noted and taken care of immediately.

A Sense of Community

Probably the biggest benefit of assisted living is the simple fact that residents no longer have to feel isolated in their own worlds. They will be moving into a new community of other seniors who will share their meals together and participate in many group activities. Many families have found that their loved ones who made the move into assisted living have actually become more active in their golden years because of all the available programs. All of the activities scheduled at an assisted living facility are provided on a voluntary enrollment basis. There’s nothing compelling a resident to sign up other than the idea of missing out on all the fun!

If you have already helped a loved one make the transition into assisted living then you’re well aware the simple fact that you’ve entered into a warm and sported new community. For those out there who are just starting this journey knowing they have that to look forward to can bring a great sense of comfort. If you have the time we love to hear your own stories with assisted living experiences.

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    • Grace Steward
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    • Chelsea Willard