What Do Seniors Want in an Apartment?

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Maintaining independence is one of the most important things for seniors, with many of them wanting to stay in their own homes. But if that’s not possible, then looking into an apartment that caters to seniors can be the next-best option. Here’s what to look for.


Seniors tend to be less mobile than their younger counterparts, and so an apartment that’s close to shops and entertainment complexes is important. Driving is also a concern for seniors, so being close to a bus or subway stop is equally important.

Medical Care

The ideal apartment should be in close proximity to either a hospital, clinic or the senior’s GP, with the best-case scenario being all three.The more at-hand medical help can be, the more secure a senior feels in an apartment.


One of the biggest selling features about a senior apartment is the lack of maintenance they’re required to do. Things like shovelling snow and raking leaves tend to become more difficult with age, and having professional staff doing it instead lifts a huge burden for seniors.


Small amenities, like a grippy wheelchair ramp for cold weather, extra handrails inside and out, chairs or a bench outside the elevator, and same-floor laundry facilities take on added importance in a senior apartment. Other things to look out for also include excellent exterior lighting to safeguard against both falls and intruders, medical alert cords in each unit, and a gym or recreation hall for socializing.


While it’s not possible to have senior-directed resources in every building, the ones that do keep staff on hand should be looked at more closely. People like Meals on Wheels, social workers, in-unit cleaners and physical therapists can make the transition a lot easier, and keep seniors’ golden years in easy comfort.

Cost of Living

Being on a fixed retirement budget means less adaptability to rising or fluctuating costs, so any way to keep down the cost of living is welcomed by seniors. Choosing a state like Florida, where the taxes are low and the temperatures are high, can be a better choice than the heart of New York City.

Entertainment and Activities

Things like theater houses, movie theaters, recreation complexes, parks, and other places are still important to seniors, and having them in close vicinity lets seniors keep up an interesting, active life for many years. Some apartments organize activities that seniors can take advantage of, giving less-mobile residents a chance to take part in entertainment as well.


A clean property is especially important for seniors because as they age, their immune systems break down and become more susceptible to illnesses. Check the walls, corners and floors for the most immediate signs of cleanliness, and then move into the unit and inspect things more closely there. Not only are you looking for signs that the building is clean, but that it’s also generally well-maintained (which indicates attentive staff.)

Finding the right apartment for your senior may seem overwhelming at first, but with a little time and hard work, the perfect apartment is closer than you think.