What Boomers Should Know About Alkaline Diets

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Baby boomers who are considering using an alkaline diet or water ionization should consider a few key factors about the diet plan. This diet, though not dangerous, has been linked to several benefits but these benefits have not been backed up by key groups or studies. In fact the alkaline diet is a diet that is primarily suggested and used by natural nutritionists and green living nutritionists. There are several benefits that seniors can gain from using the alkaline diet. However, it the following considerations should be taken into account before a senior begins an alkaline diet program.


Change of Eating Habits

It goes without saying that when a person changes their diet and eating program they will of course have to change their eating habits. These eating habits may be a drastic change or a minor change. However, anytime a person changes their eating habits their body must also accommodate those eating habits and change as well. For some baby boomers and seniors with certain illnesses and medical issues the changing of and eating habit or overall eating plan can cause complications. Before entering an alkaline diet plan or any diet plan, seniors or baby boomers should check first with their nutritionists, nutritional specialist, holistic practitioner or their primary physician.

Dietary Supplements

A physician or holistic practitioner may have a senior or baby boomer placed on specific supplements for dietary needs. The supplements can range from a super B complex to magnesium or even increased calcium. The dietary supplements a senior is placed on may also be directly connected to an illness, injury or medical condition that the senior has. With the concept of entering an alkaline diet seniors should consider that certain dietary supplements may be affected as well.  One such example is the use of vitamin C in order to prevent catching colds or flu. With the use of water ionization, water ionizers and alkaline dieting a senior may find that they no longer need the vitamin C to prevent flu or colds, however days should consult with a physician to ensure that that is the only reason the physician placed them on vitamin C to begin with. A consultation with a nutritionist should also be considered as well.

Respiratory and Other Medications

For seniors and baby boomers certain medications are required to maintain health and to prevent death during emergency situations. Take for example an asthma inhaler. A senior baby boomer who suffers from asthma may be in a life or death situation if they do not have their inhaler with them during a severe asthma attack. With that in mind, using water ionizers and alkaline dieting has been shown to decrease upper respiratory issues including asthma. This means that some seniors are able to move away from daily asthma medication. Seniors moving away from daily asthma medication or upper respiratory medication due to alkaline dieting and water ionization should consider discussing this change with a physician and nutritionist. If a senior has suffered from asthma for a significant amount of time, even if the alkaline diet is working to reduce upper respiratory issues, the senior should not dispose of their inhaler in case of an emergency. For seniors in using water ionizers to help with respiratory issues, they should consult a physician and discover more information about water ionizers here.