Ways to Lower Assisted Living Costs

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Seniors, baby boomers and individuals who are helping senior aged parents find an assisted living community may have found that the communities vary drastically in their costs. You may also have found that many assisted-living communities may have raised their costs in the past six months. In order to combat these high prices, many seniors have turned to aging in place or t other alternative forms of assisted living care. If assisted-living communities are one of the only options available to you or your loved one, here are a few ways that you can use to lower assisted living costs.

Bundled Care

Bundled care options are very common in assisted-living, senior community and retirement community living environments. What bundled care options offer is an all-inclusive fee either on a monthly or yearly basis that encompasses all aspects of the senior living care. This may include food, laundry services, transportation services and medication management. However, when seniors have asked to look at all the itemized billing options under bundled care, they find that there is a vast majority of the items that they do not use. When they research for other, many seniors are finding that purchasing or paying for care options they need rather than bundled care options is a cheaper option and allows them to afford the assisted living community that otherwise they would not of been able to.
Niche Communities

A great way for seniors to lower assisted living cost is to choose a niche living community. Niche communities are fairly new but they are becoming incredibly popular with many baby boomers and seniors. Niche communities tend to center around particular religion, denomination, artistic endeavor or other individualized concepts such as past military experience or individuals who may have worked for the same company in the same region. These niche communities generally offer a discount of some sort or discount plans for individuals who fit into that together niche. For example, there are several retirement communities that offer niche communities for veterans of the military. These communities offer a special discount through the VA and special benefits packages through the VA benefit program that may be available to the military retiree. These types of programs and services allow for seniors to lower assisted living costs.

Apartment Communities

Many seniors have found that Apartment communities tend to have a lower assisted living cost than other types of senior communities. Apartment communities include nearly everything that a senior or senior couple would need during the retirement years. In many cases, the apartment communities offer a lower monthly fee that includes everything up to two meals a day, laundry services, housekeeping services and even Walking services. If you or your family member is looking toward a lower assisted living costs option, apartment communities may be the answer.