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The Difference Between AMAC and AARP

In America, there’s no shortage of groups, clubs, committees and memberships seniors can join, each with their own specific set of perks and benefits. Two of the biggest ones, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), both seem to offer seniors the same package deal. With …

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How Seniors Can Get Involved with the Midterm Elections

The midterm elections may seem like they’re far away on the horizon, but November will be here closer than you think. This year, the midterm elections are a particularly tenuous group, as Republicans only need to gain six seats and lose none for a swing in power to change everything. With seniors typically voting more …

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Volunteer Opportunities for Senior Women

There are several volunteer opportunities available for senior women in assisted living communities and retirement community settings. Some of these volunteer options are available directly through the community itself while others are available near the community or with senior activities located within the …

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