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Use Assisted Living Reviews To Make The Right Decision For Your Loved Ones!

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Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) are growing in popularity all across America – becoming more and more common, and growing in innovation. Many of them are state and government funded, yet an increasing number are private for-profit facilities. Each of them offers various options and services to take care of you or your loved ones, and provide a safe, comfortable and independent living environment that also meets ones medical needs.

With so many to choose from, and so much to weigh and consider, assisted living facilities’ reviews should be an integral part in making the right decision.

The first step to selecting an ALF is to research all the facilities in your area and compile a list. The internet is a fast, reliable and invaluable way to find reviews. Using various sites on the internet, you can research the facilities and read reviews.

Reviews typically feature pictures of the facilities, the key mission of the provider, the type of housing offered, monthly rates, and payment options offered. Reviews also include a description of the facilities, the grounds, and the rooms along with common areas such as dining rooms, lounge etc.

The reviewer also talks about the residents and whether they were open and friendly or cold and withdrawn. The living conditions are described in detail as are the buildings and the decor. The review will also mention the services provided activities available for the residents to enjoy along with examples. Some facilities offer health clubs, shopping trips, hobby classes etc. The styles of living are vast!

The provisions for friends and family members to visit are also detailed, for example, if there are guest rooms and the like. The reviews provide details in all the following categories at a glance:

Activities offered

  • Services e.g. Barber, Housekeeping etc
  • Payment options
  • Amenities – 24 hour staffing, meal plans
  • Number of residents, capacity, years in operation etc
  • Special accommodations available
  • Medical facilities available

Please keep in mind when reading reviews, however, that many of these review sites are written by the facilities themselves. This can be enlightening, or it can be biased. To get a good clear picture, it’s a good idea to review the facility using a government or state agency or website, so you have a better chance of obtaining a more cohesive review.

If you cannot obtain any information from the internet, another way to find information about a facility is to social work centers in your area. If information is still unobtainable, ask the facility themselves for names of people that you can call up to obtain further information. Some may be hesitant to release that information for privacy reasons, but they may let you interact with some of their residents or speak to some visiting family members.

Some states like the Minnesota Department of health have freely listed reviews of all the assisted living centers in the state. There is a comprehensive checklist for each centre, along with the details of each centre and also whether the centre is given a clean bill of health in accordance with states laws and guidelines.

When making a big move to an Assisted Living Facility, it’s important to do your homework, ensuring that you or your loved one finds a place they are happy and healthy, and feel at home.

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  1. I think that its necessary to use Assisted Living reviews to make the right decision for your loved ones. I think that being able to read some comments and recommendations about assisted living would help you on make a worthwhile decision. I know that it would provide you the necessary information you need to know as well as the facilities and activities it offered. I know that you would be able to make use of the reviews you can read about Assisted Living.

    • James Isaac