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Understanding the Basics of Assisted Living

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With regard to senior living options, there is a fine line that separates a retirement community from an assisted living facility. While both of these options provide safe and comfortable surroundings for retirees one is geared more for an active lifestyle while the other is designed to provide a level of assistance when needed. It’s not uncommon for a retirement community to actually have assisted living services provided for its residents. One of the major benefits of assisted living is that there’s just less to worry about. There’s no longer any need to think about meals because they’ll be provided every day. There’s also no longer any need to worry about medical help because that will also be provided. It all comes down to a matter of specific assistance. Does your senior loved one needs this kind of help maintain quality of life? Perhaps you can ask the following questions as a way of forming your choices.

Are they becoming more isolated as the years go on?

Seniors who are living on their own could be in a situation where friends and neighbors have moved away or past on or are simply not spending as much time with them as they can. Even your own family might have a busy schedule that prevents regular visits. The last thing you want to think about is the image of having your loved one sitting alone in their home or apartment with no companionship. That can change at an assisted living facility where there will always be neighbors and someone to share meals with.

Is keeping up the home a burden?

Seniors who live in apartments might not face this issue but for those who are still in their own homes maintenance problems can be a real stress inducer. Even simple tasks like cleaning out rain gutters or keeping the lawn mowed can become burdensome for someone who has trouble getting around. Not to mention all the other issues a homeowner must face such as potential leaky roofs, busted plumbing pipes and other upkeep concerns. If your senior is expressing weariness at up keeping their house then an assisted living could be a great choice for them. They no longer have to worry about any maintenance issue; it’s all handled by the facility staff.

Has it come time to give up driving?

This could be a major struggle for many retirees. Losing the ability to drive means they’ll lose the ability to be independent. At least that’s what they think. The truth is that as we get older our eye to hand coordination slows down which raises safety issues when driving. At assisted living facilities residents aren’t stuck in their apartments. They are free to go shopping, go to the movies and even keep up with third doctor’s appointments. The big difference is that transportation will be provided for them.

Are mobility issues now concern?

If your senior loved one is having trouble getting around, or are facing challenges with eyesight or hearing then they could greatly benefit from having assistance provided by the staff at an assisted living facility. Depending on the circumstances of resident can receive help getting in and out of bed, getting dressed or taking a shower. These are small moments from the day that will be greatly elevated with the right kind of help.

Let us know about your own assisted living experiences. Sharing this community goes a long way towards helping others in the same situation.

2 Responses to “Understanding the Basics of Assisted Living”

  1. I think that its great to have better understanding on the basics of assisted living. I know that being able to understand it better can help us make the best decision. It would also help them to have a stress free environment. I know that every elderly people want to live happily, burden free, and sociable with others. I think that it would be great for them to live in a assisted living community.

    • Steve Andrews
  2. On my own point of view, I think that having a better understanding on the basics of assisted living would make it easier for you to decide about it. I think that Senior would love to live in a place free from burden, isolation, and trouble of doing Activities of Daily Living. I think Seniors living in an Assisted Living community are enjoying the services being provided to them. I know that Senior living on an Assisted Living Community will become more satisfied and happy about their situation.

    • Michelle Armstrong