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4 Fantastic Ways To Start Spring Off On A Healthy Note

Starting the spring off by making a few small changes can result in a major positive impact on your life.

1. Start walking for 30 minutes a day

Too many people overthink the concept of getting “in shape.” They join a gym, start using complicated machines they’ve never used before, and adopt a workout routine that has …

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4 Japanese Secrets To A Long Life

Every time another person makes it to 100, or 110 years old, we ask the same question: What’s your secret? Some say it’s eating beef every day. Some say it’s being a vegetarian. Some say they never leave the house, others go out for a walk every day. But there is one group of people …

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The 10 Worst TV Senior Citizens

When it comes to TV shows, there is always room for a loving grandparent figure to provide support. A quick Google search will show dozens of lists featuring the best senior citizens on TV. But what about the worst? We’ve compiled a list of senior citizens who go against the grain and aren’t sorry about …

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9 Foods and Products That Were Made Better When We Were Young

French Fries

Do you remember when French fries used to be fried in actual animal fat and the fries themselves had flavor?  We miss that.  Fortunately, a lot of chefs are returning to this method of cooking and we couldn’t be happier!  Just fry my fries in …

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