Types of Senior Safety Monitoring Devices

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Senior safety and monitoring software and devices are key components used in senior living health care. Community care providers, families and in-home caregivers use the monitoring software and devices to make sure individuals are safe and healthy at all times. Here are a few types of senior safety monitoring devices being used around the world.

Wander Management

Wander management software and devices are a fairly new resource being used by community care providers and in-home caregivers. Wander management software usually work on a computer to device system. A senior, community residents or a resident of a memory loss and Alzheimer’s wing may have a watch or some other pendant type device. This device will alert to a computer being monitored by nursing staff is the individual wanders into an area that is unsafe for them or wanders near an exit or entry point to the community. This type of device has worked exceedingly well for many senior living communities with memory loss care and Alzheimer’s care wings.

Vital Stats Monitoring

Larger senior living communities, assisted care communities and convalescent centers have begun using vital stats monitoring to help nurses maintain a healthy control over residents who may have increased health issues. For example, if a resident has an ongoing issue with high blood pressure this type of vital stats monitoring will alert the nursing staff if blood pressure goes over a certain amount or starts to get into a concerned sound. Vital stats monitoring used to be handled by keeping a resident attached to vital stats equipment or by having several visits to the president a day which could interrupt their comfort level. Vital stats monitoring systems are now being used as watches and pendants that can alert the nurse in the same way that a larger monitoring system could while still allowing the freedom for the residents move around as they choose.

Fall Management Monitoring

Fall management monitoring is used primarily in assisted-living communities and convalescent centers. However, more recently fall management monitoring has taken a modern turn and has started offering different types of monitoring devices. Fall management and fall alert padding on the floor decreases the risk of injury if a resident false but also alerts staff immediately of the fall, because of this there is no excuse for an injury, in fact the Miami nursing home abuse lawyers could take charge if it happens. A more advanced form of fall management monitoring is offered by a company called MedCottages. This company offers a small cottage type environment for seniors for wishing to age in place or who may live with family members.


The MedCottage fall management monitoring not only includes fall management alert and padding software and equipment but also includes monitoring cameras and WebCam technology. The cameras monitor at floor level and at mid-height level. If the individual falls, the camera will be able to scan the room and find where the individual has fallen while the padding alert software and flooring will alert the family as well as care providers when necessary.