Top 4 Cruises for Baby Boomers

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The cruise industry has benefited greatly from the influx of baby boomers hitting their retirement years. Weekend cruises, week long trips and exotic getaways are on the list for many boomers as the best ways to spend their down time. The question is, where are the best places for boomers to travel? For some ideas, here are the top four cruises for baby boomers to consider.


One of the leading destinations for baby boomers has been Alaska. Cruises to this area follow the Alaskian coastline and last for up to a week and a half. The cruises invite boomers who want to see not only the landscape of the seaside, but also the whales and other wildlife the oceans have to offer. Cruises to this area offer passengers a spa like luxury experience with full dining, shopping stops and relaxation.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers several cruise options depending on the cruise line the boomer would like to choose. For boomers looking for discounts and specials on their cruise travels, Costa Rica is the perfect stop. It’s also a great area for boomers who prefer a warmer vacation spot. Costa Rica has been a destination of choice for decades and that has not changed with the boomer generation.


African cruises are a popular choice for boomers who want a more exotic cruise option. The leading factor to making African cruises a popular choice are the safari packages that are offered by several cruise lines. Imagine a cruise that lets you have a safari stop off on the way or one that lets you spend a night on the African plains? These options make the cruise to Africa a perfect choice for memories to keep with you long into your retirement years.

Mediterranean Cruise

The Mediterranean has always been a source of allure for travellers. For boomers a Mediterranean cruise can be the end to a perfect European tour. European travel options offer the chance to view history, see areas of the world that others can only dream about and view art that can only be found in Europe. To end that kind of journey with a cruise in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean makes a European trip perfect.