Three Questions to Ask During an Assisted Living Tour

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When you are looking for the right assisted living community for you or a loved one, the tour can be the most important step in the process. You want to make sure the community lives up to the standards of care that you are looking for. You want to see first hand what the living conditions are, the food preparation methods and how the staff interacts with the residents. During the tour there may be some questions that are important but slip your mind during the process. Here are three questions to ask during an assisted living tour that can change the overall view of the community in your or your loved ones eyes.

How Are Baths or Showers Given? 

This is an important question that many families do not consider. In several assisted living communities across the country the practice of a community shower, for residents who can not bath themselves or have mobility issues, is still used. This is appalling to some residents and the families and is the very reason modern assisted living communities are moving away from the practice. If your loved one needs assistance with bathing or grooming this question could be  vital to their comfort level. A joining question would be how often are baths or showers given. Some communities will only offer showers for residents three times per week if they are offering bathing and grooming assistance. This is, however, becoming more uncommon but to be on the safe side it is always best to ask.

Are Residents Allowed Meals in Their Rooms or Apartments? 

This may not seem like a question that should be asked, but for comfort levels it is vital. For example, if you are not feeling well and you do not want to get dressed and go to the dining hall for dinner you may want to request your meal be brought to your room. Most assisted living communities have no problem with this, but there are still a few that have strict rules. Though the communities with these strict rules are becoming less and less common, the question should be asked just to make sure. If they say you or your loved one must eat in the dining hall unless they are bed ridden, then you will know immediately this may not be the community for you.

Is there a Laundry Service or a Linen Service?

Laundry services and linen services are different assisted living services. In fact, some communities may label them as one in the same while another community may refer to their on site laundry rooms as a “laundry service.” To make sure you and your loved one know how laundry is handled and you do not run into any surprises later, it is best to ask right away. Linen services will offer clean sheets once or twice per week. Laundry services may be available and offer one load of laundry to be taken care of once per week or an on-site laundry room to be used.