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Three Exercises for Seniors to Reduce Stress

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Seniors facing the high cost of health care and retirement living may find themselves stressed on a daily basis. Some seniors will turn to hobbies or to other options to reduce the tension and stress building up. However, some seniors may not know where to turn to reduce their stress. Here are three exercises that will help seniors reduce stress in their daily lives.


With dozens of yoga styles and variations available there are countless ways for seniors to enjoy yoga. Yoga helps to not only reduce stress, but to also increase strength and indurance. There are several assisted living and independent retirement communites that now offer yoga, in various forms, to their residents. Yoga can be completed as a daily, weekly or every other day activity. Yoga also provides a meditative benefit for many of its practitioners.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is another exercise that is very similar to yoga. It offers many of the same benfits and allows seniors the chance to relax and reduce stress. Tai Chi is often practived during early morning hours and finding a group for practice is often not difficult. Senior Centers and various assisted living communities offer Tai Chi as a form of daily relaxation and meditative exercise for their members and residents. There are several variations to Tai Chi that seniors can adapt to their regular work out schedule to enhance their daily schedule or to help reduce stress to manageable levels.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a great exercise with several benefits for seniors.With water aerobics, even seniors with aching joints or mobility issues can benefit due to the water reducing the strain on body muscles and joints. Seniors can enjoy heated pools as part of their water aerobics routine.

It does not matter what type of exericese a senior chooses for their stress. Any exercise that is enjoyable will allow seniors to reduce their stress and maintain a suitable level of exercise for their lifestyle. Walking, yoga, aerobics and even light jogging can all help seniors remain stress free during the best and worst of times.

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