Things to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving, take a few moments to take stock of all the good things in your life, even if it might not seem like that on a regular basis.


There are many seniors in this world without loved ones, and the holidays can be particularly tough for them. Say a silent thanks that you’ve got friends, relatives or even healthcare assistances who are looking out for you.


Because of the efforts of brave others (and possibly you), the United States is a country without war on home soil, ensuring life for many citizens of all generations can be lived peacefully.


With a life long lived come the memories of it- some good, some bad, and all worth keeping. You’ve seen some pretty incredible things over your lifetime, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to relive some of those events.

Food and Shelter

Whether or not you’re living and eating what you’d most like to be, you’ve got a soft spot to lay down your head and steady meals to fill your stomach. For far too many seniors in this world, that’s not the case and they live in conditions that nobody should have to.

Fresh Water

Without this vital resource, none of us would be alive. The simple molecule helps keep preventable diseases at bay, slakes thirst, keeps us clean, and all with the simple turn of the tap.


We’ve heaped a lot of abuse on nature, and yet she still gives us tall trees, singing birds, gorgeous autumn leaves, and a shining sun. Most people don’t realize the simple beauty of nature until it’s gone, but on Thanksgiving, spend a moment savoring it.

The Simple Things

A good life doesn’t have to always consist of spectacular moments and larger-than-life events, with the magic found in seemingly ordinary occurrences. A cup of coffee, a morning newspaper, a walk around town, a good movie, or watching the rain fall- there’s a bit of beauty and joy in each of these.


Although it may seem to be all sorts of variations of confusing and confounding, technology has made communication with loved ones easier (Skype), as well as increasing medical safety and medication regulation.


Anything from a simple hummed tune to a grand waltz, music has the power to trigger memories, form bonds, and rejuvenate the spirit. So as you turn the record player up, remember the effect that music has on the soul and the mind.

Your Legacy

You will be remembered. You have made a lasting impact on many people, and for that you should feel proud and thankful. Without you, many others wouldn’t be where they are today, and that’s a pretty big thing to smile about. You deserve it.


From all of us at LivingSenior, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving.