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Heard of These Events? The Oldest Person In The World (116) Lived Through Them

Being the oldest person in the world is an honor that usually only belongs to one person, and that person right now is Misao Okawa. She just turned 116 a month ago on March 5, and has held the title of the world’s oldest person since last June. In honor of her and all other …

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Using Technology and Tablets to Help Seniors

The use of technological devices like iPads and other tablets is starting to show it’s more than just a larger screen to play Angry Birds on; it’s a device that can aid and facilitate communication between seniors and their families.
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Eyesight is one of the things that fades as we get older, and seniors typically …

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What Do Seniors Want in an Apartment?

Maintaining independence is one of the most important things for seniors, with many of them wanting to stay in their own homes. But if that’s not possible, then looking into an apartment that caters to seniors can be the next-best option. Here’s what to look for.
Seniors tend to be less mobile than their younger counterparts, …

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Caring for Family Members with Alzheimer’s

Living with someone who has Alzheimer’s is far from easy, but when you’re the main caregiver, life can feel downright impossible sometimes. Here’s a quick guide on how to alleviate stress in different areas.
Prepare. Bathing can be a traumatic time for some people and the more you can do to make your family member feel …

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