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How are Ukrainian Seniors Affected Right Now?

As seniors age, their ties to family and culture become even more important. But when issues arise that threaten to sever those ties, such as what’s currently happening in Ukraine, seniors arrive at a crossroads where they have to decide: do they ignore increasing political strife and violence to hold onto what they’ve grown up …

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Is It Time for Mom or Dad to Stop Driving?

Having the “stop driving” conversation with your parents is never an easy one, but sometimes it’s a necessary step to keep them—and everyone around them—as safe as possible.

Why Does Driving Become Unsafe for Seniors?

As our bodies age, they also slowly deteriorate in a number of ways. Usually these changes are manageable, but behind the wheel …

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Online Drugstore Services for Seniors

Online drugstore services for seniors have seen a rapid increase in popularity over the last year. It is estimated that over 45% of seniors are currently using some form of online or mail order drugstore service within the United States. The reason for …

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Four Ways Amazon Can Help Seniors

Amazon is one of the most recognized and widely known Internet website names. They offer a variety of books, e-books, clothing, jewelry and other household goods. What many seniors may not be aware of is that the website also offers a vast array …

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