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Palliative Care a Hot-Button Issue in North America

Palliative care, the type of care administered to people with the aim of preventing and relieving pain and suffering, is a much-debated topic across North America. What first seems like a no-brainer – improving the quality of life for the ill – is an issue that goes much deeper than that.
What is Palliative Care?

For people …

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Moving Seniors Between Facilities

Sometimes, residents in a nursing home have to be moved for any number of reasons: the facility might need a massive upgrade, the home may be in a geographical location that experiences severe seasonal weather, or government budget cuts may have rendered the facility unsafe to live in. Whatever the reason may be, it can …

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The Basics of Nursing Home Care

In the realm of providing health care, a nursing home falls under the classification of a skilled nursing and rehab center. Residents at a nursing home are in need of long term care or rehabilitation after a surgical procedure. Nursing homes are also the best environment for a person who is recovering from a catastrophic …

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Finding the Right In-Home Care for Your Loved One

At the beginning of any in-home care relationship you are basically inviting a stranger into the home of your loved one who will be providing some very personal and intimate assistance with daily routines. Although this person might start out as a stranger …

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