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Things to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, take a few moments to take stock of all the good things in your life, even if it might not seem like that on a regular basis.

There are many seniors in this world without loved ones, and the holidays can be particularly tough for them. Say a silent thanks that you’ve got friends, …

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How to Protect Seniors During Dangerous Weather Conditions

The year 2013 has brought wild and unpredictable weather, ranging from abnormal amounts of driving rains and fierce winds, to hurricanes and tornadoes in areas not normally known to receive so many. For most people, these weather conditions would usually prove to be no more than minor inconveniences, disrupting their lives but not for long …

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Types of Senior Safety Monitoring Devices

Senior safety and monitoring software and devices are key components used in senior living health care. Community care providers, families and in-home caregivers use the monitoring software and devices to make sure individuals are safe and healthy at all times. Here are a …

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Benefits of Debit Cards for Seniors

There are several benefits for seniors to use prepaid debit cards for their online purchases. By using a prepaid debit card seniors can avoid several fraudulent scam issues that have been occurring in the past few weeks and months. Here are a few …

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