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Getting Around and Other Transportation Issues

Making your way from Point A to Point B can present challenges for even the most mobile, but add in being a senior and have limited resources, and the issue of transportation increases in difficulty.
Transit Problems
Transportation of America estimates that in two years’ time, 15 million Americans …

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Is In-Home Care The Best Option For Your Loved One?

Given the choice, we would all like to stay at home when an illness crops up. No one wants to be subjected to a hospital stay if it can be avoided. As we grow older, it might become apparent that there are certain daily tasks …

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Understanding the Basics of Assisted Living

With regard to senior living options, there is a fine line that separates a retirement community from an assisted living facility. While both of these options provide safe and comfortable surroundings for retirees one is geared more for an active lifestyle while the other is …

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