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Is It Time for Mom or Dad to Stop Driving?

Having the “stop driving” conversation with your parents is never an easy one, but sometimes it’s a necessary step to keep them—and everyone around them—as safe as possible.

Why Does Driving Become Unsafe for Seniors?

As our bodies age, they also slowly deteriorate in a number of ways. Usually these changes are manageable, but behind the wheel …

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Getting Around and Other Transportation Issues

Making your way from Point A to Point B can present challenges for even the most mobile, but add in being a senior and have limited resources, and the issue of transportation increases in difficulty.
Transit Problems
Transportation of America estimates that in two years’ time, 15 million Americans …

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How to Protect Seniors During Dangerous Weather Conditions

The year 2013 has brought wild and unpredictable weather, ranging from abnormal amounts of driving rains and fierce winds, to hurricanes and tornadoes in areas not normally known to receive so many. For most people, these weather conditions would usually prove to be no more than minor inconveniences, disrupting their lives but not for long …

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