Stricter Criminal Background Checks for Senior Care Workers

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One of the more obvious concerns that many individuals have held throughout the years in regards to senior care is in regards to criminal background checks. Although most professional medical facilities will require some form of background checks for individuals that are working there, there are many senior care options which do not have this requirement at all. Moreover, even though some locations do actively use background checks, they do not inform family members or seniors of the backgrounds of the workers at the time; therefore, even though there may have been a few issues on someone’s background check, if everything seemed to be “okay” in general or if there seemed to be a misunderstanding in regards to the background check, the family and the senior were likely never notified about it.
Clearly, criminal background checks need to become more strict in order for seniors and their family members to feel more comfortable with using certain senior care services. While this is becoming more enforced as time progresses, mainly due to incidents where seniors have had crimes committed against them or have been severely mistreated, it does not mean that it is becoming the norm in the case of senior care. Individuals who are using independently ran agencies which provide in-home care workers and other related senior care workers often have the fear that they are going to be letting someone into their home who has not had a background check and may not be being completely honest about their experience or their past.
More professional locations are beginning to get more serious about the situation with criminal background checks. If an individual does not pass the background check, then they are not allowed to work at that location. Some senior care services go as far as to contact other services in the area and let them know that the individual in question did not pass a background check and that they should not be allowed to work within that area. Other services may even blacklist the individual from being able to apply to work at that service in the future. In the past, senior care workers were only “blacklisted” after they had been proven to have made offenses against seniors that were in their care or if they had been reported too many times previously.
Ultimately, many individuals are hoping that stricter guidelines and requirements in terms of criminal background checks will be adapted by more senior care services – leading to a greater focus on the overall importance of this aspect and hopefully eventually leading to further likelihood that individuals are being screened prior to being hired.