Star Wars VII: Return of the Senior Citizens

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The Star Wars movie series is one of the most successful, iconic and widely watched movie series of all time, with director George Lucas ushering in a new age of movie experiences. We were first introduced to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the ‘70s, with the movie hero making superstars out of Lucas, Carrie Fisher and especially Harrison Ford. Now, almost 40 years later, Star Wars is back for a seventh episode, with the latest installment currently being filmed and set to be released in December. In honor of the movie, we’ll be taking a look at what the new movie will look like, who the faces are, and if any familiar ones are returning. Hint: one does, and just gets better with age.

Star Wars Episode VII: Kicking off a Third Trilogy

Hardly any movie being made today can be kept top-secret, and it’s no different with Star Wars. So far, the cast and crew began in the Abu Dhabi desert, so we can expect to see some fight scenes taking place in an apocalyptic-like world. With the desert being such a barren, lonesome and forbidding place, the battle scene(s) will probably look like they’re being fought in space on a planet only us mere mortals can ever dream of reaching. The rest (and most) of the filming and production will take place at England’s Pinewood Studios, so that part of the plot is relatively unknown.

The latest Star Wars is being pegged as the first movie in a trilogy, which would make it the third trilogy in the Star Wars series. As mentioned, we don’t know too much about the plot, but a few details have been leaked out:


  • According to the Guardian, the movie will open with Luke Skywalker’s severed hand, clutching a lightsaber, hurtling through space and landing on a desert planet, where it’ll be found by two youngsters out on an adventure.
  • Those two will recognize the lightsaber as a Jedi weapon, and the movie will revolve around matching it with its owner.
  • Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia are expected to make reprisals in Star Wars, paving the way for newcomers for future films.
  • The Independent writes that either an Imperial officer or a Sith may engage in battle with a Stormtrooper.
  • Screen Crush writes that on an icy planet, the Star Wars heroes’ enemies will be busy making a super weapon with which to take down their foes.


Old Names and Familiar Faces

One of the biggest appeals about Star Wars VII is being able to catch up on the actors who really made names for themselves in the ‘70s with this movie, particularly Harrison Ford. He’s had arguably the most successful career post-Star Wars, but we’ve grown up knowing him as the heroic Han Solo.

Well, he’ll be back.

After a brief two-week hiatus, centered around Ford breaking his leg on set, filming and production has carried on. It seems as though no matter what Ford’s done in his highly active, adventurous and the injuries he’s sustained, the 72-year-old actorhas always been able to bounce back just fine, which is great news for both him and all Star Wars fans.

Two other old names returning are Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), aged 62 and 57 respectively. Although Hamill’s career hasn’t been that hot since Star Wars, Fisher has enjoyed prolonged exposure in The Blues Brothers, Hannah and her Sisters, When Harry Met Sally and the TV show Family Guy, as well as being a published author. Together, Hamill and Fisher won’t be the same Luke and Leia we were first introduced to in the ‘70s, but part of the charm of Star Wars is seeing what they look and sound like now.

Finally, the rest of the cast from the ‘70s that round out the seventh Star Wars include 79-year-old Kenny Baker as the lovable little robot, R2-D2; Anthony Daniels, the 68-year-old actor who’s the voice of the other robot in Star Wars, C-3PO; and Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, still going strong as the furry friend at age 70.

Although he wasn’t part of the previous Star Wars films, Max von Sydow, known for such roles as Capain Shroeder in Voyage of the Damned, Father Merrin in The Exorcist, Salomon August Andree in Flight of the Eagle, and pairing with Fisher in Hannah and her Sisters. We have no idea what kind of role von Sydow will be given, but he’s such a consummate actor that all he’d have to do is stand in a corner, holding a potted plant, and the movie would already be better.