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Best Yoga Options for Seniors

Yoga is an excellent natural remedy for seniors and has a wide range of benefits. There are many options for yoga for seniors, including poses that are for beginners, those for more advanced seniors, as well as very gentle poses if you have things like a bad back or osteoarthritis. Continue reading for tips on …

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Three Benefits of Senior Centers

Senior centers are available in a variety of large and rural area cities. Rural senior centers are seeing a decline due to lack of funding and volunteer options available. Many cities are facing the reality of closing down senior centers if donations to …

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5 Tips for Seniors Planning RV Camping Trips

RV camping is on the top of the list for senior activities. It’s the prime opportunity for seniors to visit areas of the country they may not have visited during their career years. The added bonus of traveling with your lodging accommodations …

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Four Vacation Ideas for Active Baby Boomers

The majority of baby boomers are going to be turned off at the idea of shuffleboard or just sitting back and doing nothing during a vacation. Baby boomers are an active and vibrant generation that want a little bit more punch during their vacation …

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