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Another Helping of…Food Fight?!

Usually, dinner time with seniors is a relatively placid affair as food gets doled out and seniors eat and chat. Even when they head out for lunch or dinner, the results are usually predictable: a laidback meal, talk of bocce or lawn bowling, comparing aches and pains, and then the bill …

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Civil Rights Movement Pioneers: Then and Now

The Civil Rights Movement is one of America’s formative events, with a variety of leaders in the black community fighting against injustice. And though many of them suffered and died, several key members are still alive. Here’s a look back at a few of them.

John Lewis

Lewis is the only living leader of the Big Six …

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Is It Time for Mom or Dad to Stop Driving?

Having the “stop driving” conversation with your parents is never an easy one, but sometimes it’s a necessary step to keep them—and everyone around them—as safe as possible.

Why Does Driving Become Unsafe for Seniors?

As our bodies age, they also slowly deteriorate in a number of ways. Usually these changes are manageable, but behind the wheel …

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Seniors and Stereotypes: Myths of Aging

Seniors are typically thought of as gentle people who want to maintain independence as long as possible, but there are a whole host of stereotypes out there about aging that just aren’t true.
Myth: Seniors Don’t Care About the World
This myth falls under what logicians call “the psychologist’s fallacy” in which people presuppose the thoughts of …

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