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8 Great New Year’s Resolutions To Turn Your Health Around In 2015

Making New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves is a time-honored tradition only slightly older than the tradition of breaking them within the first month of the new year. Maybe we’re too ambitious in our goals, making grand and unrealistic plans to turn our lives around. The good news is, working on making yourself healthy doesn’t …

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8 Jobs for Those Who Just Can’t Stay Retired

For a lot of working people, retirement is the phase of life they’ve been looking forward to for a long time. But once you’re done working, you may miss work – and the benefits that came with it.  Whether you’re simply looking for a way to fill your free hours or interested in job perks, …

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How Seniors Can Get Involved with the Midterm Elections

The midterm elections may seem like they’re far away on the horizon, but November will be here closer than you think. This year, the midterm elections are a particularly tenuous group, as Republicans only need to gain six seats and lose none for a swing in power to change everything. With seniors typically voting more …

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8 Ways for Seniors to Protect Their Skin While Enjoying the Summer

The summer is meant to be enjoyed in all its splendor, with long, gorgeous days of beautiful and sunny weather. However, we don’t have the ozone layer protecting us from the sun as much as we used to, and the sun’s power can do more damage than ever before. In particular, seniors’ skin is more …

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