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Another Helping of…Food Fight?!

Usually, dinner time with seniors is a relatively placid affair as food gets doled out and seniors eat and chat. Even when they head out for lunch or dinner, the results are usually predictable: a laidback meal, talk of bocce or lawn bowling, comparing aches and pains, and then the bill …

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Using Technology and Tablets to Help Seniors

The use of technological devices like iPads and other tablets is starting to show it’s more than just a larger screen to play Angry Birds on; it’s a device that can aid and facilitate communication between seniors and their families.
Large Print

Eyesight is one of the things that fades as we get older, and seniors typically …

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Seniors and Stereotypes: Myths of Aging

Seniors are typically thought of as gentle people who want to maintain independence as long as possible, but there are a whole host of stereotypes out there about aging that just aren’t true.
Myth: Seniors Don’t Care About the World
This myth falls under what logicians call “the psychologist’s fallacy” in which people presuppose the thoughts of …

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Cold Weather Causes Shortfall During Blood Donor Month

It’s one of the single most important things a person can do to save a life, but not nearly enough people give blood. Luckily, January is usually the slowest month for blood donation, so the Red Cross has named it National Blood Donor Month. But even despite the slight downturn, supplies still ran short.
Polar Vortex
This …

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