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15 Halloween Costumes For Older Adults That We Love

The Mayor of Townsville:

This costume is simple to assemble, and cute to boot. All you need is a top hat, fake mustache (unless you’ve got your own), a white button-down shirt, and a sash that says “Mayor of Townsville.” Grab three friends to play The Powerpuff Girls, and you’ve got a great group …

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8 Musicians Who Are Still Rocking After 50

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr was a quiet creative force in the Beatles. The second song he ever wrote was “Octopus’s Garden,” which George Harrison called “cosmic” and has been performed several times by the Muppets. At age 74, he has spent the past 25 years touring and playing music with no less than twelve variations of …

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8 Ways for Seniors to Protect Their Skin While Enjoying the Summer

The summer is meant to be enjoyed in all its splendor, with long, gorgeous days of beautiful and sunny weather. However, we don’t have the ozone layer protecting us from the sun as much as we used to, and the sun’s power can do more damage than ever before. In particular, seniors’ skin is more …

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Retiring Abroad: 3 Out of Country Options for Seniors

The United States is a great country to live, work and retire in, but it’s not the only country in the world. For seniors who are looking at retirement, heading abroad can open up a world of possibilities for them that may simply not be found here. Take beaches, for instance. There are plenty of …

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