Seniors Get “Happy”

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Pharrell Williams’s latest song, “Happy”, is a toe-tapping song that’s easy to sing along to and hard to forget. And when he performed it at this year’s Oscar Awards, it was one of those rare performances that was just plain fun to watch (even if his hat choice was a little questionable).

Because of its simple melody, numerous hooks and uplifting beat, “Happy” has been covered and lipsynched many times, but one of the cutest, most heart-warming versions comes from a group of seniors in Italy.

This particular cover of the song is an experiment by Zootropio in which seniors were given the song, and filmed dancing to it. From there, the success grew so much that the organizers went worldwide with it, passing the music onto seniors in New York, Milan and Shanghai, using the tagline: “We are old but we are still happy!”

Enjoy this video!


2 Responses to “Seniors Get “Happy””

  1. It’s almost embarrassing how much I enjoy this video

    • Paul
    • Jan Bolder