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How Seniors Can Get Involved with the Midterm Elections

The midterm elections may seem like they’re far away on the horizon, but November will be here closer than you think. This year, the midterm elections are a particularly tenuous group, as Republicans only need to gain six seats and lose none for a swing in power to change everything. With seniors typically voting more …

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Civil Rights Movement Pioneers: Then and Now

The Civil Rights Movement is one of America’s formative events, with a variety of leaders in the black community fighting against injustice. And though many of them suffered and died, several key members are still alive. Here’s a look back at a few of them.

John Lewis

Lewis is the only living leader of the Big Six …

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4 Ways to Find a Senior Living Consultant

There are several ways to find a senior living consultant. Senior living consultants are available through their on private business websites, non-profit organizations and through charity networks and connections. Some senior living consultants may work with various nursing homes and some may work …

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4 Reasons to Use a Senior Living Consultant

Senior living consultants are a great way for families, seniors, baby boomers and loved ones to locate senior communities and services. All too often seniors and their loved ones can get bogged down with the choices or feel that there are too few …

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