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Warning Signs of Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes means having to completely modify your diet and lifestyle to adapt to a chronic condition. It can pose many difficulties but with care and cognizance, the changes can prolong the side effects of diabetes.
How Does Diabetes Work?

Most people know that diabetes has something to do with insulin, blood sugar and …

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Is It Time for Mom or Dad to Stop Driving?

Having the “stop driving” conversation with your parents is never an easy one, but sometimes it’s a necessary step to keep them—and everyone around them—as safe as possible.

Why Does Driving Become Unsafe for Seniors?

As our bodies age, they also slowly deteriorate in a number of ways. Usually these changes are manageable, but behind the wheel …

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Seniors and Stereotypes: Myths of Aging

Seniors are typically thought of as gentle people who want to maintain independence as long as possible, but there are a whole host of stereotypes out there about aging that just aren’t true.
Myth: Seniors Don’t Care About the World
This myth falls under what logicians call “the psychologist’s fallacy” in which people presuppose the thoughts of …

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Myths and Facts About Medicaid

Medicaid, the benefits provided by the government to low-income people, can often have a lot of confusion surrounding them, but here’s the post that finally clears the air.
Myth: Nursing Homes are Completely Covered by Medicaid

This one’s not entirely true, as Medicare gives 20 days of full coverage with two provisos: the patient spent a …

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