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Seniors Get “Happy”

Pharrell Williams’s latest song, “Happy”, is a toe-tapping song that’s easy to sing along to and hard to forget. And when he performed it at this year’s Oscar Awards, it was one of those rare performances that was just plain fun to watch (even if his hat choice was a little questionable).

Because of its simple …

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‘Cyber-Seniors’ Documentary Delights, Warms and Informs

Seniors aren’t exactly known for their computer acumen, but a filmmaker named Saffron Cassaday set out to change that. Armed with a camera and a gaggle of teens, Cassaday invaded an assisted living facility…and taught the seniors how to surf the web. The film has yet to be released, but the trailer and video gallery …

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Another Helping of…Food Fight?!

Usually, dinner time with seniors is a relatively placid affair as food gets doled out and seniors eat and chat. Even when they head out for lunch or dinner, the results are usually predictable: a laidback meal, talk of bocce or lawn bowling, comparing aches and pains, and then the bill …

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Seniors Showing Change of Political Heart

The Hill, the weekly paper paper written for U.S. Congress, has touched on an important issue: seniors’ political leanings. To anyone in the know this is vital to US politics, it is because seniors will make up the biggest demographic in the United States in just a few years and even still they are overwhelmingly …

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