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Watch These Hilarious Reaction Videos From Elders

Raise your hand if you’re familiar with any of the following: Flappy Bird, selfie, Eminem, Pewdiepie, grinding, or dubstep. Now keep your hand raised if you know what all of them have in common. This seemingly nonsensical string of words all comprise a popular video series on YouTube called “Elders React to…” in which elders …

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Study Shows Seniors Continue to Embrace Technology

On March 12, 1989, a man by the name of Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet. Since those early days when a computer would take up an entire room, we’ve come a long way: now, the internet fits neatly into the palms of our hands, and …

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How Much Would You be Willing to Spend on a Party for Seniors?

Recently, a town on France’s southern coast called Le Barcarès came under fire for spending tens of thousands of euros to throw a party for pensioners. We all know France likes to indulge in lavish parties and dinners, but this report seems extravagant to everyone. Everyone, that is, except the French.
The Cost of the Party
A …

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How to Deal with Drug Abuse in Seniors

Drug abuse is something typically associated with ne’er-do-well adults and teens, but rarely do we think of it as involving seniors. However, prescription drug abuse is also on the rise with seniors aged 65+, with reports indicating that even the 50 to 59-year-old is susceptible to this problem. You can read more
Substance Abuse: …

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