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Four Advantages of Using VOIP Services in Senior Communities

The face of senior communities is changing. A new generation of seniors, the baby boomers, are entering into the senior living lifestyle. This new flux of seniors is changing how communities operate, what they offer and the kind of lifestyle that …

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Challenges Baby Boomers Face When Choosing Senior Care

As baby boomers get older, many of us are faced with the reality of watching our parents get even older still.  For the first time in history, the average life expectancy in the U.S. has risen to 78.1 and a daily check of the obituaries reveals a good many people who make it to their …

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Senior Care in the USA

There are many stories across America, of communities that reach out to its elderly communities. In particular, this blog will focus on outreach in communities to nursing homes. The question is: what can you do? Whether you are a member of staff, a resident in a nursing home, or a family or friend of someone …

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TRAVEL DISCOUNTS FOR SENIORS – Links & Tips for Seniors Looking to Save Money Traveling

Providing Another Great Way to Enjoy Retirement

There are all kinds of discounts and deals going around in any major business to boost business in today’s economy – and travel deals can come cheap. Now, more than ever major tourist destinations, hotels and …

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