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What Do Rock Stars Think of Getting Older?

Rock stars, of any group of musicians, are revered for their seemingly Peter Pan-like ability to stay young forever. No matter what they did in their youth — and some of them partied way too much — these rock stars stay young in our minds because we grew up with them. We saw them when …

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5 Senior-Friendly Memorial Day Getaways

Memorial Day, one of the days of the year where we honor our veterans for their sacrifices, is coming up fast on May 26. This gives you just enough time to plan a perfect Memorial Day getaway that’s both senior-friendly, fun for everyone, and keeps the day in mind. Curious? Read on to find out …

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Have Scientists Pinpointed The Gene Responsible For Weight Gain and Aging?

Scientists at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center (USDA HNRCA) on Aging at Tufts University and Yale University School of Medicine appear to have discovered a gene responsible for causing weight gain, where the removal of it seems to do the opposite: decreases fat and aging. This gene, called FAT10, plays …

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Heard of These Events? The Oldest Person In The World (116) Lived Through Them

Being the oldest person in the world is an honor that usually only belongs to one person, and that person right now is Misao Okawa. She just turned 116 a month ago on March 5, and has held the title of the world’s oldest person since last June. In honor of her and all other …

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