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Cold Weather Causes Shortfall During Blood Donor Month

It’s one of the single most important things a person can do to save a life, but not nearly enough people give blood. Luckily, January is usually the slowest month for blood donation, so the Red Cross has named it National Blood Donor Month. But even despite the slight downturn, supplies still ran short.
Polar Vortex
This …

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What Do Seniors Want in an Apartment?

Maintaining independence is one of the most important things for seniors, with many of them wanting to stay in their own homes. But if that’s not possible, then looking into an apartment that caters to seniors can be the next-best option. Here’s what to look for.
Seniors tend to be less mobile than their younger counterparts, …

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Unpredictable Winter Weather Calls for Extra Safety Vigilance

This winter has been anything but normal, from the polar vortex dipping way past its usual borders to a sudden thaw immediately after. And while the warm respite in weather is welcome, it can have perilous consequences on the environment that means seniors need to take precautions when venturing outside.
Chicago River Drowning
Last week, temperatures in …

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How Does Healthcare for Seniors Stack Up Against Other Countries?

The United States is a country that has unparalleled wealth, resources, opportunities and bright minds- but a healthcare system that tends to be compared negatively to other countries. Here’s how it ranks against other models.

In their 2013 ranking, the World Health …

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