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The 4 Most Memorable Acts Of Presidents Aged 50+

Every February 16th, citizens of the United States take the time to remember the birthday of George Washington, the man widely regarded as our nation’s founder. In recent years it’s become a day not only to remember him, but many of our other forefathers as well. This President’s Day, we highlight some of the most …

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8 Great New Year’s Resolutions To Turn Your Health Around In 2015

Making New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves is a time-honored tradition only slightly older than the tradition of breaking them within the first month of the new year. Maybe we’re too ambitious in our goals, making grand and unrealistic plans to turn our lives around. The good news is, working on making yourself healthy doesn’t …

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The 5 Best and Worst States For Taxpayers Over 50

There’s a lot of talk about how Americans are struggling to get to a good place with their retirement and savings, but compared to a lot of other countries we’re looking great. An online survey conducted early this year polled retirees in 15 countries. The study found that Americans are more likely to be saving …

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8 Musicians Who Are Still Rocking After 50

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr was a quiet creative force in the Beatles. The second song he ever wrote was “Octopus’s Garden,” which George Harrison called “cosmic” and has been performed several times by the Muppets. At age 74, he has spent the past 25 years touring and playing music with no less than twelve variations of …

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