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About Independent Senior Living

The prospect of getting older and having to revise your living situation can be stressful, but sometimes necessary. However if you are still able to perform most daily functions on your own, you can still live independently though in a senior living community. …

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Benefits of Niche Retirement Communities

Niche retirement communities are one of the most popular forms of senior living communities. These communities are geared to particular careers, lifestyles or to hobbies. Art communities, GLBT communities and military niche communities are popping up across the country and receiving a positive reaction. …

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Types of Senior Safety Monitoring Devices

Senior safety and monitoring software and devices are key components used in senior living health care. Community care providers, families and in-home caregivers use the monitoring software and devices to make sure individuals are safe and healthy at all times. Here are a …

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Volunteer Opportunities for Senior Women

There are several volunteer opportunities available for senior women in assisted living communities and retirement community settings. Some of these volunteer options are available directly through the community itself while others are available near the community or with senior activities located within the …

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