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Senior LIVING communities that cater to the retired and elderly

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NOTE: we highlighted LIVING for a reason…

Senior Living Communities, not to be mistaken for assisted living communities, across America there are whole communities that cater towards the elderly and retired. Cliché examples may be centered around a golf course, or have a community center with a game room and a pool. Senior living communities are often referred to as retirement communities, or sometimes active adult communities.

senior living community happy retired golfer

Some Senior Living Communties include Golf Ammentities

Senior living communities should also not be confused with retirement homes, which is a single building or small complex where no “common areas” for socializing exist.

So, what are the benefits of a Retirement or Senior Living Community?

Retirement or Senior Living Communities have special facilities catering to the needs and wants of retirees, including extensive amenities like clubhouses, swimming pools, arts and crafts, boating, trails, golf courses, and even active adult retail and on-site medical facilities. Other communities have no or very few common amenities.

Because these communities are age-restricted, usually 55+ years of age, residents have more opportunities to socialize and meet people within the community. They cater to all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds, and often nearby you will also find churches and clubhouses off-grounds catering to the retirement community populace.

Most often they are built in warm climates, and are common in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas but are increasingly being built in and around major cities throughout the United States.

Senior living communities offer a high quality of living for seniors in providing a safe community, and one with activities and convenient amenities nearby. Not only are they safe in that crime rates are low, but because they are senior living communities, neighbors watch out for each other. Even if one is capable and healthy enough to live on one’s own, there can be cases where medical emergencies occur. Neighbors within these communities often look out for each other, and can often be more aware of these probable occurrences than in a traditional neighborhood.

Happy Senior Living in Senior Living Communty

Senior Living Communities are Just That... Communities

What’s more is that retirement communities are often supported by the state. Not only does it provide lovely, safe neighborhoods and general well-being for the populace, but it can also bring economic well-being as well. For this reason there are six states that have created Certified Retirement Community programs, with approximately 70 towns and communities included. Retirement, particularly baby boomer retirement, is great for business. States seek to encourage retirement within their own states; keeping existing residents and encouraging out of state residents to move in. As you will glean, the fact that even the state gets involved in creating these communities is evidence that they are a bustling, engaging and innovative environment for seniors.

If you are planning your retirement, or aching for something new and a bit more exciting in your golden years, you may want to consider a retirement community, or a senior living community. Chances are there will be ample opportunities for activities and social events within a thriving community that caters to your needs.

For those of you looking for some additional information or assistance with senior living options for yourself or a loved one; please use our Free Senior Living Consultation resource.

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