Senior Living on a Budget

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There are several ways that individuals can reduce the cost of senior living. However, many individuals feel that there is no option for senior living on a budget. Here are a few ways that seniors, caregivers and loved ones can help reduce the cost of senior living and maintain a budget friendly affordable option.

Smaller Communities

Larger senior living communities may have a larger price tag as well. These larger communities tend to offer amenities and services that may not even be utilized by a senior even though the senior is paying for them in their monthly fees. By choosing a smaller community located closer to a hometown or relatives, a senior can enjoy the same amenities that they would have at a larger community but on a smaller price scale. In fact, many seniors have found that smaller senior assisted living communities are available at a third of the cost compared to larger senior living communities.

Live in Care

Another option that seniors may choose to have the senior living lifestyle on a budget is to choose live-in care. By having a live-in caregiver a senior can enjoy the benefits of an assisted living option while aging in place, staying on a normal budget they are used to and by maintaining a lower healthcare costs. Live-in care providers will generally cost much less than an on call nurse or an assisted living facility. A live-in care provider may choose to offer their services due to their own budget. A live-in care provider is a benefit to both the caregiver and to the client.


Care Options

All too often assisted living, independent living and senior retirement communities may offer package options for seniors. These package options may seem affordable at first until you sit down and begin to look at what is being offered in the overall cost. In fact, when many seniors and their family member sit down and look at these different bundled care options they will find that there are several high-cost benefits and amenities that the senior does not need. When choosing an assisted living care facility, retirement community or senior care community it is always best to forgo bundled options and have the community price the options that the senior needs rather than amenities that are extras the may never be used.

Pharmaceutical Care

There are several options in pharmaceutical care for seniors and that are becoming increasingly popular due to theUnited Statesreformed health care plans and other health care options and requirements. These pharmaceutical care options are being offered byCanadaforUnited Statescitizens in need of prescription drug plans. If pharmaceutical plans, care and insurance still leave the senior or their loved ones with a high pharmaceutical bill the option for Canadian pharmaceutical care may be one to look at in order to have senior living on a budget.