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Senior Care in the USA

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There are many stories across America, of communities that reach out to its elderly communities. In particular, this blog will focus on outreach in communities to nursing homes. The question is: what can you do? Whether you are a member of staff, a resident in a nursing home, or a family or friend of someone residing in a care home, there are ways to get involved!

Apart from the care one receives from staff, and the visits from friends and family, or perhaps the socializing within the nursing home residents, there are all kinds of community outreach efforts to make the residents feel at home, appreciated, and cared for.

What are some examples of outreach to residents?

Let’s examine scenarios.

A high school Choir teacher in the Southwestern United States decides to ask permission to take her students to some local nursing homes and sing to the residents. She coordinates with the nursing homes, let’s them know a date and a time they will be coming. The nursing home lets its residents know that a high school Spanish class intends to come and sing for them. The class goes around to several different care homes, assembling in the main hall, or sitting area. Someone perhaps plays the piano, or they have backup music playing, as they sing. Or, perhaps, the Choir teacher has coordinated with the Orchestra teacher, and they have live back up music! What a joy that would bring to the residents for the season.

Another scenario is a Barbershop Quartet. Four talented males, who love to perform! They come into a nursing home and do what they love to do, and the residents love it.

This kind of community outreach is an excellent way to have a thriving community, but also it creates a lovely way of life for the residents. And it’s so easy to do!

There are plenty of other ways to reach out to nursing homes! Many < href='http://www.livingsenior.com/Nursing_Homes'>nursing homes report kids coming to visit for Halloween, because a member of staff organized the residents handing out candy. So cute kids come in, dressed in spooky wonderful costumes, walk around for a bit in the home receiving candy. What a treat for the kids, and what a treat for the residents. Or people who bring in their beloved, sweet pets to visit with residents. This is a common outreach in nursing homes, and provides for wonderful therapy to the residents.

How do I get organize this kind of outreach?

The events coordinator at a nursing home might be on the ball, and be organizing all of these kinds of things. But perhaps not!

If you are a member of staff, a resident, or a family or friend of someone residing in a home and you want to do something to make it a better home for someone, it’s so easy!

Contact local churches, charity organizations, youth groups, and schools. Research musical performers in the town, dance troops, or any kind of performers. Performers of any kind will most certainly be flattered that you found them and are requesting them to perform for the residents. It would be hard to say no!

Chances are people are flattered, and more than happy to spend part of their morning, afternoon or evening, coming into a nursing home and doing something meaningful. Schools are always looking for programs and field trips that improve student’s education and character building.

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2 Responses to “Senior Care in the USA”

  1. I think that senior care in the USA needs more consideration and Outreach program by the community. I think that schools that provide outreach program to Senior Care in the USA is absolutely great. I know that with this simple method would make them feel more important and sociable to other people like kids. I think that Senior Care in the USA should be really given more care and time by the government.

    • Michelle Paine
  2. It seemed that Senior Care in the USA needs help from the community it belong. I think that being a member of the community means that we should help them and provide them some of their needs. I think that being able to provide some outreach program to them would be a great to help to them. I think that with this simple effort is would be such a worthwhile for them.

    • Sandra Migz