Retirement Communities For Pet Owners

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It is estimated that the amount of retirement communities that now support and encourage the presence of pets has grown throughout the past ten years. This mainly due to the amount of family members that call prospective senior living communities in search of a location that would allow their parents favorite dog or cat to join them. Nearly 40 percent of those who spend their time researching living communities for their parents inquire about pet-friendly communities.

For some seniors, having a pet is an ideal option because it gives them someone to care for after their children have finished their transition into adulthood. Pets are affordable and easy to care for, which means that the adult sons or daughters of these individuals do not need to worry about whether an aging loved one can handle the task. It’s also very helpful for elderly individuals who are making a transition from being at their own home to the change of living at an assisted living home or senior community. Having a pet around that was present from when they were living in their household allows them to keep the familiarity and prevents them from having to deal with separation issues.

Some assisted living homes encourage the presence of pets because it produces a positive reaction in individuals who are dealing with memory loss and dementia. Although holding a conversation or remembering certain aspects of information may be difficult for these aging individuals, having a pet around benefits them because they can begin to focus on playing with the animal and spending time with it. For this reason, there are a lot of programs which work on bringing in animals and pets for seniors to spend time with during different times of the year. For some individuals, this is like a form of therapy because it provides them with a form of stimulation that they don’t generally get if they are in a nursing home or an assisted living home. This benefits seniors the most if they are in circumstances where they may not get many visitations from family members, friends or loved ones. The animals provide companionship in scenarios where other people or peers may not be able to.

Even seniors who do not have a pet of their own can benefit from the presence of a pet or an animal in the area. There are a lot of retirement communities which incorporate a community pet or animal that is present in the main areas of the location for the seniors to interact with them. It provides them with some stimulation that’s different from interacting with other individuals and reminds them that they are still capable of taking care of another life, which is something that many seniors struggle with the longer that they are at a retirement home and away from their families. On difficult days, interacting with a pet or an animal can help by cheering up seniors and bringing some positivity into their life.