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5 Unique Indoor Activities to Keep You Busy on a Rainy Day at Your Retirement Home

Rationally, we know there’s nothing wrong with going out in the rain and getting a little wet, but it just plain doesn’t feel nice. Instead, it’s much cozier to sit inside while the rain pours outside, and be involved in activities that’ll keep you warm, dry and entertained until the storm clouds pass. So instead …

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Bill Created to Help Prevent Missing Seniors

When children go missing, a nationwide Amber Alert may be issued to try and minimize any potential consequences. Until recently, though, there was no such system for seniors—a demographic that also goes missing—but for different reasons. Now, a bill is proposing to introduce a “Silver Alert” system target specifically to seniors.
Silver Alert
When a senior goes …

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Senior Safety: Superbugs

Seniors are a particularly vulnerable demographic, as their immune systems are slowly deteriorating, which leaves them susceptible to catching illnesses. One in particular, the superbug, is so named because it describes a microbe that’s either resistant or immune to modern medicine.
What is a Superbug?

Superbugs have two definitions: the first comes from the …

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Top Issues Currently Affecting Seniors

In separate pieces, the United States government and National Council on Aging published information on the most common issues that affect seniors.
The U.S. government, on Nov. 12, 2013, updated their list of …

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