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Reasons for Choosing Assisted Living

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Determining what is the best option for retirement care for your senior loved one comes down to a question of specific needs. If mom or dad are still healthy and leading an active, independent lifestyle then they can pretty much live where they want to. However, when certain physical or mental challenges begin to crop up it may be necessary to transition them into a more structured environment where they can get the help that they need to accomplish simple daily tasks. This is the type of environment you would find at an assisted living facility.

Weighing the pros and cons of moving into an assisted living facility is a good way to determine if this is the right choice for your loved one. The following are a list of considerations to make with regard to choosing assisted living for your senior care senior care.

1)     Safety: Just as the old saying goes there is strength in numbers there is also safety in numbers. Residents at an assisted living facility are never truly alone. Even though they may be living in private apartments they are always just moments away from getting the help they would need in any emergency situation. This is because every apartment has its own emergency call button that is answered by the qualified staff which is on-site around the clock. Safety also comes into play when the senior might need help with mobility issues. Having another set of hands and eyes help navigate in out of bed or throughout the day is of great benefit.

2)     Socialization: There is no escaping the harsh reality that the older we get the greater the chances of us losing some beloved friends along the way. In another scenario it might become increasingly difficult to drive and visit with friends or family. This can lead to isolation which is not going to be helpful for anyone. At an assisted living facility residents are always surrounded by new friends and neighbors. There is the chance to participate in many ongoing activities, excursions and even the simple pleasures of sharing a meal with your friends. Isolation is not an option!

3)     Diet: Another consideration for senior care is making sure our elderly loved ones are eating right. For a senior who is living alone this might be difficult especially if they don’t have the opportunities to do their own grocery shopping. With assisted living residents are provided with three healthy and nutritious meals each and every day. Special dietary needs are also taken into consideration for those residents who might be struggling with conditions like diabetes or are on a low sodium diet. Quite often the meals at assisted living facility become the favorite part of a resident’s day.

4)     Medical Attention: Are you worried about whether or not your loved one is taking their prescriptions? Concerned about monitoring their blood pressure? Both of those health issues and many more are covered at an assisted living facility thanks to the dedicated and trained staff of medical professionals who are on call throughout the day and night. Not only will these staff members insure that your loved one is following doctors orders but they also be the first ones to see if there’s any changes in the condition and can make the appropriate adjustments.

These are just some of the reasons why it might be appropriate for you to consider assisted living for your loved one. If you have already made this choice let us know how worked out for you and your family. Any time you get to share your experiences with others going through the same situation is going to be a help for both of you!

One Response to “Reasons for Choosing Assisted Living”

  1. Assisted living is a very good option for the seniors, but some people often get confused when choosing options for their senior loved ones, there is a misconception that assisted living is very expensive, but the fact is that assisted living is divided into some categories like Residential care,Personal care,Adult congregate living care,Board and care,Adult homes etc, now for example residential or board and care is usually a converted home or small facility with three to ten beds where the caregiver is a homeowner or single proprietor,..and usually they have a love for the seniors and they care for them as if they were their family members,the cost of this kind of board and care homes is typically much less than with large, new, apartment-style assisted living facilities. but unfortunately because of their small size these operations have little money to advertise, that’s why people can’t reach them