Reasons Baby Boomers Love Kindle

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The electronic reader known as the Kindle has taken the world by storm. It has changed the way people read, watch movies and even play games. With hundreds of Kindle applications and uses for a Kindle readers, these devices have taken the place of many other electronic devices. A recent poll showed surprising results for the number of individuals using Kindle. It turned out that one of the rapidly growing age groups of Kindle users was actually Baby Boomers. This lead individuals to question the reasons Baby Boomers love Kindle.

Ease of Use

There are hundreds of electronics on the market that allow individuals to read, write and stay in touch on the go. They have applications that are created to make life easier. The problem with many of these devices is their difficulty of use. Kindle has created and offered a way for anyone to utilize a modern device that is easy to use and offers applications that make the Kindle the perfect all in one device for Baby Boomers.

Space Saving

Many Baby Boomers have chosen to move into senior retirement communities, patio home subdivisions or apartments. These living situations may be the perfect lifestyle for the senior, but they may present the problem of less space and less storage room. Having a Kindle helps with that. For example, a senior may have hundreds of paperback novels or books that have accumulated over the years. Every time they purchase a book and finish the book it goes on a shelf taking up space. With the Kindle, the senior can have thousands of books and the only space taken up is a corner of a nightstand or end table.


It surprises some people that many Baby Boomers choose to use a Kindle, not only for reading, but also for communication. Many of the latest Kindles’ offer Email, Facebook and Word Processing platforms. This means that Baby Boomers can stay in touch with family and friends through the same device they use for reading, listening to music and staying in touch with Newsfeeds as well as news programming.