Preparing For Senior Care Homes

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One of the most difficult transitions for some seniors to make is to make the adaptation from living at home with a relative to the change made by living in a senior care home. It can be difficult for some of them to understand why these changes are occurring, especially if the seniors are at a stage in their life where it’s challenging for them to understand what is happening based on their memory loss or other health conditions that may be impairing their mental abilities. As a result, it’s important to take several steps towards preparing your loved one for a senior care home and the changes that will be taking place once they have moved there. Some of the following information can be used as a guideline for those who are seeking help on aiding their older loved ones with the adaptation process.

Seniors do well in senior care homes when the environment is more familiar to them. Pack their belongings from your home or their current residence and set them up in a similar arrangement when they have settled into their senior care home. This will make it feel more like ‘home’ to them and allow them to feel more comfortable with the transition. During the holidays, you can decorate their bedrooms or add seasonal décor so that they don’t feel left out from the festivities in your household.

If you want to handle paperwork and legalities as soon as possible, you should get in contact with a social worker and your loved one’s insurance provider. These two contacts will prove to be very useful to you in the future. Social workers focus on the aspects of your loved one’s overall well-being, providing you with suggestions of senior care programs that are known for optimal care. Insurance providers guide you through any paperwork that may be necessary to have senior care paid through via your loved one’s insurance coverage, if possible.

Remember to get family involved. Some seniors feel embarrassed about the idea of having family members come to visit them at senior care homes, while others feel very comfortable with the concept. You should communicate to them that you plan on visiting them and that you want it to be a family experience, allowing various members to come along so you can all spend time together.

Communication is key above anything when dealing with this type of change. You want to make it clear to your loved one that this is not occurring because of anything that they did wrong or problems that may be occurring at home while you are trying to take care of them on your own. A common mistake is that some seniors feel as if they are being punished or sent away when they are moved into senior care homes; this is never an experience that you want your loved one to deal with after they have transitioned to their new living arrangement, so communication is very important.