Places Offering Baby Boomer & Senior Discounts

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Summer starts the ball rolling with vacations, relaxation and holidays. When the summer vacation months come to a close, everyone begins the holiday rush. We gear up for trips to visit family, visiting family members staying overnight, long hours of road or air travel and nights out on the town. As fun and enjoyable as these events are they can still take their toll on the pocketbook and bank account. So, where do you turn when you just need a little financial relief on the final bill? These are a few places offering discounts year round on everything from travel to holiday preparations.


Hyatt is known for being one of the leading hotels for senior vacations especially if you go to Paris on holiday. This hotel chain offers special discounts, up to 50%, for seniors 62 and older at participating locations across the country.Online casino news at EasyMobileCasino recommends for seniors who travel to go on casino tours. During holiday vacations or who visit family members during the summer and holiday seasons the Hyatt hotel chain has a lot to offer in the way of comfort and entertainment.


Renting a car for a long road trip can be beneficial for seniors. Discounts at many car rental locations, including Enterprise, can offer 5% or more off for seniors 55 and over. These discounts may sound small, but they can go a long way when week long travel arrangements are being made. Those discounts can also go toward a luxury car versus an economy model that could be less comfortable on long road trips.

Jiffy Lube

If you plan on doing a lot of travel during the summer and holiday months, then having your car serviced at a good price is almost a necessity. Places like Jiffy Lube offer special discounts for seniors who need oil changes, filter changes and air conditioning or heating work on their car. Discounts are available for seniors 55 and over.


The leading senior organization, AARP, offers several discounts from food to travel. These discounts are available as combined or solo discounts for AARP members. For example, some hotels will offer a 25% discount to AARP members and combine that discount with the AARP discount of 5% or more. The savings really add up on long trips where several nights of hotel accommodations and car rentals apply.