15 Halloween Costumes For Older Adults That We Love

The Mayor of Townsville:

This costume is simple to assemble, and cute to boot. All you need is a top hat, fake mustache (unless you’ve got your own), a white button-down shirt, and a sash that says “Mayor of Townsville.” Grab three friends to play The Powerpuff Girls, and you’ve got a great group …

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8 Musicians Who Are Still Rocking After 50

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr was a quiet creative force in the Beatles. The second song he ever wrote was “Octopus’s Garden,” which George Harrison called “cosmic” and has been performed several times by the Muppets. At age 74, he has spent the past 25 years touring and playing music with no less than twelve variations of …

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The Almost Definitive Guide to Insomnia in Older Adults

Why Insomnia Happens

Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night, a fact that does not change as they grow older. But from age 65 on, attaining that sleep can become very difficult. A 2005 study by the National Sleep Foundation found 39% of older people were more likely to wake up often during …

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The 10 Worst TV Senior Citizens

When it comes to TV shows, there is always room for a loving grandparent figure to provide support. A quick Google search will show dozens of lists featuring the best senior citizens on TV. But what about the worst? We’ve compiled a list of senior citizens who go against the grain and aren’t sorry about …

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