Online Drugstore Services for Seniors

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Online drugstore services for seniors have seen a rapid increase in popularity over the last year. It is estimated that over 45% of seniors are currently using some form of online or mail order drugstore service within the United States. The reason for this is due to the fact that online drugstore services offer the same or lower cost prices for prescribed medication as well is offering several items that seniors may need during the course of a month. Here are several online drugstore services that seniors may consider prior to ordering their next prescription. offers several online drugstore service benefits for seniors. Seniors may have their doctors offices call prescription drugs directly into, fax prescription drugs and or send prescription drugs through secure e-mail services. then takes the prescription drug, fills the drug order and males the drug directly to the seniors. Seniors simply sign a certified mail receipt for their prescription medication and they can receive their medication directly to their door. Seniors may also choose to utilize’s other services including having hygiene and other products they need during a month mailed at the same time as their prescription drugs. also offers an automatic refill and delivery program for seniors and other prescription drugs patients.




The Rite-Aid pharmacy chain offers a similar solution for seniors and online drugstore services as Seniors may have their prescription called in to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will fill the prescription and offer a pickup service or a delivery service directly to the senior. This cuts down on transportation needs and also may be cheaper than other area methods of receiving prescription medication. This option also allows for seniors to contact their local drugstore and ask any questions that they need while still receiving her medication at home.


CVS Pharmacy


CVS pharmacy offers a similar solution to and other online pharmacy services. CVS pharmacy is one of the most popular choices for seniors due to the fact that so many cities have a CVS pharmacy for the senior to contact the local pharmacist if there any questions. Using CVS pharmacy has also cut down on several issues from seniors who may have confusion about their prescription drug medications or who may have a problem receiving their prescription drug medications. CVS pharmacy offers several discount programs for seniors and works well with doctors and hospitals for seniors to receive their prescription medication when necessary. Some CVS pharmacies throughout the country also offer a delivery service for their medication patients.


Local Pharmacies


some seniors may find that there are local pharmacies that offer online drugstore services. The local pharmacy may offer similar drugstore services as and CVS pharmacy. They may also offer various other pharmacy programs including local delivery services and prescription management services. Seniors who would be interested in this type of program should contact their local pharmacy to find out if any online drugstore services available for seniors and if there any special discounts available for seniors who uses online drug service.