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5 Unique Indoor Activities to Keep You Busy on a Rainy Day at Your Retirement Home

Rationally, we know there’s nothing wrong with going out in the rain and getting a little wet, but it just plain doesn’t feel nice. Instead, it’s much cozier to sit inside while the rain pours outside, and be involved in activities that’ll keep you warm, dry and entertained until the storm clouds pass. So instead …

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How to Save for a Nursing Home After Retirement

A nursing home is almost never a person’s first choice of where to live during retirement, but it’s a reality for millions of Americans. While the experience definitely isn’t the same as aging in place, it does afford seniors the opportunity to be looked after 24/7 by a team of professionals who are trained in …

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How Do Nursing Homes Get Rated?

The U.S. News has ranked the best nursing homes in the country for this year, but the search for a good home tends to be a subjective one. What works for one person may be totally off base for another, while a third senior yet may be looking for something entirely different. To that extent, …

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Myths and Facts About Medicaid

Medicaid, the benefits provided by the government to low-income people, can often have a lot of confusion surrounding them, but here’s the post that finally clears the air.
Myth: Nursing Homes are Completely Covered by Medicaid

This one’s not entirely true, as Medicare gives 20 days of full coverage with two provisos: the patient spent a …

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